A Real Reminder That One-Shot Stops are Rare

When someone is a deadly threat to you and yours, you’ve got to do what it takes to stop that threat. Stopping a threat with a single shot from a handgun is rare, as this video shows.



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What does this video teach us about defending ourselves against an armed robbery?


  1. Feigning compliance can be an excellent strategy in an armed robbery to buy you time to find your opportunity to defend yourself. The hands-up, palms-out posture tells the armed robbers that you’re compliant, and might give you the opportunity to defend yourself when they stop focusing on you.


  1. In a deadly force encounter, decisions of life and death will be made in the blink of an eye. On the range and in class we have time to consider and to think and to reset and to make multiple attempts, but when the balloon goes up in real life you’ve got fractions of seconds to decide what the best course of action is to protect yourself. The way to be better at decision making in the heat of the moment is training, specifically scenario training and force-on-force training that is designed to work on decision-making skills under stress. It’s offered all over the country, so get training!


  1. Successful self-defense against many attacks involves a counter-ambush, where the victim finds the right opportunity to seize the initiative from the attacker and launch an ambush of their own. That involves thinking and knowing your own strengths and skill set, and being ready to strike the attacker when your opportunity for counter-ambush comes. It also means not allowing the attacker to see that attack until it’s launched.
  2. The human body is designed to take a ridiculous amount of punishment and still function. You can shoot someone multiple times and they can still pose a deadly threat! Even mortally wounded people can continue to pose a threat for several seconds to even minutes after being shot, so don’t think for a moment that shooting someone will necessarily immediately incapacitate them. That is Hollywood myth.


  1. When we say that our goal as self-defenders is to stop the threat, part of that intent is to make sure that the threat is really stopped! That takes thinking and assessment, because as a concealed carrier one of the worst outcomes is to partially stop the threat only to have that threat re-emerge. Learn to assess the effectiveness of your actions quickly so that you can continue to address the most immediate threat in your vicinity until none are left.


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Attitude. Skills. Plan.


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    A Real Reminder That One-Shot Stops are Rare

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