Against An Armed Robber You Must Choose When To Protect Yourself

If you were the man in the second video, would you have stayed concealed or would you have used your concealed firearm to end the threat? Practicing Active Self Protection means having the plan in place beforehand so that you’re ready to go in the moment of need!

Original of first clip:

Original of second clip:

How do I protect myself against an armed robber?

1. Carry your firearm! The ladies in the first clip had very little ability to resist the armed robber because they had no force multiplier of their own. Even if they had one, if it was in their purse it would have been useless because they had their purses taken so quickly!

2. If you carry a firearm, you better know when to use it. The elderly gentleman chose not to use his, and he had a loaded shotgun pointed at him several times as compensation and was in grave danger for quite some time. If you carry a firearm you better know what your boundaries are and when you will use it to save your life and the lives of others.

3. In both clips, empty-handed skills would have been very important had the victims chose to defend themselves. In the first clip the ladies had chances when the armed robber put his firearm away to gather belongings. Had they had attitude, skills, and plan to deal with an armed robber, they could have won a fight even if they weren’t armed. The elderly gentleman needed to know some disarm techniques against a long gun, or at least some deflect and draw techniques, and the danger could have been over in an instant.

4. I am not knocking the elderly gentleman because we all get to make our own decisions and determine whether and when we use our defensive tools. As a reminder from the second clip, though: if you find in your heart that you can’t use a defensive firearm, don’t carry one. If deep down you know that you won’t use it in the moment of need, it’s not safe for you to have it. I don’t know this man’s heart, I don’t know if he made this decision based on the situation or his soul, but let’s all recognize the need to be willing to use deadly force if you carry a firearm.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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