Armed Robber is No Match for Armed Clerk

Do you think it’s wise to try to hold an armed robber? We know the armed robber got away (according to the original post), too. Learning to hone our Active Self Protection from encounters like this is really important.

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Original video of the armed robber getting owned, from the store owner:

News story…the armed robber actually got away!


How do I protect myself from an armed robber?


  1. Keep your firearm on your person! Plenty of people keep a firearm stationed near them under the counter or on a desk, but in the moment of need you can’t ever be sure that you can get to it if it’s not on your person. This armed robber basically let the clerk get his gun because he didn’t REALLY want to use that stick. If he had been determined the clerk might not have fared so well. It’s best to keep your firearm on your person.


  1. The goal in any defensive firearms use is to stop the threat. Never draw a firearm if you’re not willing to use it, but if the presence of the firearm stops the threat, don’t pull the trigger! If the armed robber flees or surrenders, that’s a very successful defensive firearm use and you’ve met the goal.


  1. If you have a firearm out, distance is your friend. This clerk closed on the armed robber, which isn’t recommended! A firearm has a functionally infinite range in a deadly force encounter. (yes, I know, that’s not 100% true…for the purposes of a self-defense fight, it is functionally true) If you are at contact distance to someone you have a firearm aimed at, you give them the ability to fight you for your firearm and negate the advantage you have. Therefore, if you have a gun on someone, stay out of range of their hands if at all possible!


  1. You must accept that danger exists and that it can happen to you. This is the foundational core of spiritual fitness and the first step in taking proactive steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you live in a fantasyland that nothing bad can happen because nothing bad has happened in the past, you’re setting yourself up for a terrible letdown. The clerk in this video was obviously ready for the armed robber, and that is very wise.


Attitude. Skills. Plan.


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