Armed Robber Shoots Good Samaritan Who Tried to Help Victim

Would you have stepped into this kind of situation? Peter Gold is clearly a hero with a lion’s heart, though we wish everyone who stepped into a situation with an armed robber had good Active Self Protection to do so with less risk of injury! Make sure to read the links below about Mr. Gold.

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Original #1 with info on the Good Samaritan and capture of this armed robber:


Angle #2 with more info on the armed robber:


How do I protect myself from an armed robber?


  1. Every person gets to decide who they are willing to protect, be it against an armed robber or any other threat. For some, their “flock” is only themselves and their immediate family. That’s an acceptable answer. For others, they are willing to protect their friends, coworkers, and extended family. For a few, it might mean being willing to protect anyone who is weak, powerless, and in need. Each of us must decide the size of our flock and have that decision firmly in mind when it is time to act.


  1. Situational awareness is your best friend. It doesn’t mean that you always are paranoid or living in “condition orange,” but it does mean that you know Col. Cooper’s color code of awareness and you live by it. Pay attention to your surroundings, and recognize that when you’re in public places you need to be more aware of your surroundings than when you’re in private. The armed robber was literally an arm’s length away in this incident, but Mr. Gold was so focused on the victim that he didn’t see the threat. When you’re in a condition orange situation (something is out of place and you’re investigating), don’t get tunnel vision!


  1. If you do not have the attitude, skills, and plan to protect yourself from an armed robber, then your only option is to submit to their demands and hope it works out for the best. I would never suggest that a helpless person try to defend themselves against a carjacking or armed robbery, though of course if it’s a matter of life and death you must do whatever you can. The point, though, is not to be a helpless victim! This is the heart of Active Self Protection, to motivate you to train and help you develop the attitude, skills, and plan so that you can choose to protect yourself if it makes sense in the moment rather than being forced into compliance with a violent felon.


  1. If you don’t have a force multiplier in the fight but the attacker does (like this armed robber has), to defend yourself you must know how to close the distance to get your hands into the fight. A firearm has significant distance advantage, and a smart attacker will keep it out of range from your hands. If you do choose to fight back, you MUST close the distance to get the gun out of the fight before he can use it against you. That usually will involved feigned compliance and redirection as well as waiting for the right opportunity to move.


  1. Spiritual fitness is an important part of Active Self Protection. You don’t often get any advance notice of the last day of your life, but we see over and over that self-defense isn’t a guarantee of winning every fight you might be placed in. You want to be at peace with your loved ones and with God, because you’ll need that peace on the day that you meet Him. Since you can’t guarantee advanced notice, make peace today. Mr. Gold didn’t wake up this morning thinking that he would be shot by an armed robber.


Attitude. Skills. Plan.


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