Armed Robbers Pepper Spray and Stab Employees

Armed Robbers Pepper Spray and Stab Employees

We always assume that armed robbers are not concerned with our safety; this is why our Active Self Protection needs to be strong and ready!



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Original video of the armed robbers is available in our Instructor Development Portal.


News story of the details of the armed robbers (one has been caught): and


What does this surveillance video teach us about defending ourselves against armed robbers?


  1. If you can win “the fight before the fight,” you win. You win that fight by minimizing your potential for being attacked in the first place! That means making smart decisions and living a life of awareness and readiness so that you don’t take unnecessary risks. That includes locking the back door of the restaurant so that armed robbers don’t use it to ambush you!
  2. If you do not have the attitude, skills, and plan to protect yourself from armed robbers, then your only option is to submit to their demands and hope it works out for the best. I would never suggest that a helpless person try to defend themselves against a carjacking or armed robbers, though of course if it’s a matter of life and death you must do whatever you can. The point, though, is not to be a helpless victim! This is the heart of Active Self Protection, to motivate you to train and help you develop the attitude, skills, and plan so that you can choose to protect yourself if it makes sense in the moment rather than being forced into compliance with a violent felon.
  3. In any territorial or predatorial violence, the attacker gets to set the time and circumstances of the attack. They will almost always launch that attack from ambush, or as we like to call it in Umas, from “obscurity.” Surviving that ambush is one of the most important keys to successfully defending yourself. These armed robbers ambushed the first victim pretty good; he had little time to respond, but the second did!


  1. As well-meaning as police officers are, they cannot protect you from danger. As the old adage says, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!” You—and ONLY you—can protect yourself from danger when it comes upon you. A police response time of 5 minutes is considered perfectly acceptable in most suburban departments, and times upwards of 30 minutes can be the norm in rural areas! You need to have the attitude, skills, and plan to protect yourself from harm because the police simply can’t.


  1. I think it’s valuable for every self-defender to carry OC Spray (pepper spray) as a defensive tool for non-lethal threats. I have used mine on dogs more than once effectively. Like any tool, OC spray is not 100% effective at stopping a threat; that said, against most people, it is a fight stopper! If you take a quality class you will be exposed to the spray so that you know how it affects you and affects others. That is NOT a fun time, but it is an important one. As the adage goes, the chief ingredient in OC spray is fear, so if you’re trained and prepared you CAN fight through it to still defend yourself. (I carry this one: These armed robbers used the OC spray against the victims, which is another reason to know how you will respond!


There are 3 additional lessons for Patron Members and 3 class starters for Instructors from this ATTACK, so please join us in those programs to see them!


Attitude. Skills. Plan.


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