Armed Robbery At McDonalds Caught On Camera

Do you view this as a case of just handing over the money, or if someone pulls a gun is it a deadly force encounter to defend yourself in? Practicing Active Self Protection lets you decide which this is. So would you have complied or found an opportunity?

Original video and news story here:

How do I protect myself during an armed robbery?

1. Every person has to make the moral and ethical decision whether they are willing to defend property. Defending life is absolutely a moral imperative in an armed robbery, but property is something else entirely. When an armed robbery threatens violence against you if you don’t give the armed robber money, sometimes the best thing to do is give him the money. But if your life is at risk, it is also morally acceptable to defend your life against their threat.

2. In the moment of an armed robbery, you must look for your opportunity to protect yourself. It is strongly possible that the moment of the attack is not that moment. You want to wait for the time that the armed robber is not focusing on you to act with decisiveness to protect yourself.

3. We must never settle for being able to protect ourselves against a lone attacker because of how common multiple attacker engagements are. Rats travel in packs, so we must always be prepared to face multiple attackers! Here the attackers used a very common strategy, having a gunman and a “grab man” who allowed the gunman to stay at distance. That’s common. It’s very common in an armed robbery to see two or three attackers.

4. As well-meaning as police officers are, they cannot protect you from danger. As the old adage says, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!” You—and ONLY you—can protect yourself from danger when it comes upon you. A police response time of 5 minutes is considered perfectly acceptable in most suburban departments, and times upwards of 30 minutes can be the norm in rural areas! You need to have the attitude, skills, and plan to protect yourself from harm because the police simply can’t.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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