The Active Self Protection National Conference:

Bullets and Bibles 2021- Sept 24-26th located in Manhattan, KS –  REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!




As you know, Active Self Protection is serious about training people to defend themselves and their loved ones. We train nonstop and encourage others to get in a little training each year, as well. To that end, we want to provide high-quality training from some of the top trainers around the country at this conference-style event. All aspects of self-defense will be covered! This will be a benefit to those of any skill level and will include plenty of classes and events for both shooters and non-shooters alike. This will be a three-day conference taking place September 24-26, 2021 outside of Manhattan, Kansas at Living Water Ranch and Tallgrass Shooting Sports. I cannot say enough about the beauty and suitability of this property and grounds. More on why we choose this location in the following paragraphs.

We did some classes at this property last year and were stunned at the beauty of the grounds, but more importantly, the people there became instant family and as we learned about what they were doing at Living Water Ranch, we knew we wanted to be part of supporting that mission. Living Water Ranch is a camp facility and home to Flint Hills Foster Teen Camps. FHFTC provides camping experiences to foster teens ages 12-18 in their area. Many times there are no funds for these kids to attend summer camps. Many times, the teens are struggling with enough life issues and stressors that a traditional summer camp is not a good fit. FHFTC tries to fill that gap by providing an incredible summer camp experience and also provides some healing and love to these hurting hearts. These have been doing this a long time and have a huge heart for hurting kids.

In addition to the summer camp for teens, they also do Homes of Hope. When foster teens reach 18, they age out of the system. Many find themselves immediately homeless on their 18th birthday and without the life skills and support system to rise above that challenge. FHFTC proves room and board, along with support and training in basic life skills to ease the transition from foster child to adult. They stay on-site and learn about budgeting, hygiene, cooking, cleaning, job skills, etc. This is a tremendous resource for them and they get to go through this transition with caring adults and counselors to point the way.

So what does that have to do with Bullets and Bibles? We are doing a fundraiser for Flint Hills Foster Teen Camps! All staff and instructors have donated their knowledge and time to this training. Multiple businesses have agreed to donate to cover the expenses of this fundraiser! Where do you come in and how do you go? READ ON:

You can attend this event with a $600 donation to Flint Hills Foster Teen camp. This $600 donation goes directly to them to 100% support their work!!! You make the donation and as a “thank you”, you can attend this event. Businesses will cover costs and staff and instructors donate their time. All of the money goes to this amazing ministry. Why $600? That is what is costs to send one child to camp – so you get to learn and grow and your donation will do the same for one child.