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Armed Robber Shot To Death By Store Owner

An armed robber represents a deadly threat, but this store owner definitely practiced Active Self Protection in ending that threat in a hurry! How would you have responded in the moment? How do I protect myself from an armed robber? 1. Transitional spaces are places where we MUST be more careful of potential attack. A […]

Guard Murdered During Armed Robbery

You certainly can’t win every fight, but practicing Active Self Protection can help you to have the best chance to survive. This is as true in an armed robbery as any other situation. How much training have you done against multiple attackers? Original video: http://get-asp.com/oira News story with some scant details: http://get-asp.com/2pif How do I […]

Officer Involved Shooting Caught On Video

This officer involved shooting in Costa Rica goes down in a hurry, but also contains some significant lessons for all of us, LEO and CCW alike. Could you have prevailed in this instance? Original video: http://get-asp.com/tc7e News story (Google Translate required): http://get-asp.com/c2xh What does an officer involved shooting teach all of us about self-defense? 1. […]

Kidnapping Caught On Surveillance Camera

I think that this is the first actual kidnapping I have seen caught on camera at Active Self Protection. Could you have protected yourself from this kind of attack? Original video: http://get-asp.com/cv1u How do I protect myself from a kidnapping? 1. Never, ever, under any circumstances allow yourself to be taken to a second location. […]

Terrifying Knife Attack Caught On Video

A real-life knife attack is a terrifying ordeal. This officer-involved confrontation out of the UK provides some interesting lessons in Active Self Protection for fighting off a knife attack. How would you have dealt with this attack? Original video: http://get-asp.com/8bvk News report of the attack: http://get-asp.com/1txg How do I protect myself against a knife attack? […]

Armed Robber Terrorizes Clerk

Would you have fought this armed robber, or just given him the till? We believe these are personal questions at Active Self Protection, but we must consider the question in advance so that we are prepared to act in the moment. So what would you do? Original video: http://get-asp.com/ho6r News story on this incident: http://get-asp.com/1phs […]