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Good Samaritan Bravely Stops Murderer

Does your Active Self Protection extend to the defense of others, or do you keep to yourself? I think each person has to make that determination on their own and live with their reasoning, but this Good Samaritan is to be commended in my book! Original video: http://get-asp.com/3d3z News story (Google Translate required): http://get-asp.com/hjhr What […]

GRAPHIC: Brutal Attempted Murder Caught On Camera

VERY GRAPHIC. Do not watch this one if you’re squeamish, everyone. We do not glorify violence or murder at Active Self Protection, but there are some valuable lessons here that we want to remind us all of. How would you have responded if this man walked into a store where you were? How would you […]

Unaware Woman Walks Right Into A Mugging

This woman definitely wasn’t practicing Active Self Protection, but her mugging at least teaches us some important lessons to keep ourselves safe. How would you have protected yourself in her situation? Original video and details from Camden PD: http://get-asp.com/a9rd How do I protect myself from a mugging? 1. The main lesson in this video is […]