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Officer Involved Shooting Caught On Camera

Do you have the attitude, skills, and plan to survive this kind of attack? This officer involved shooting shows us some important Active Self Protection lessons about how a real deadly force encounter goes down. Would you have come out alive? News story: http://get-asp.com/la42 Original video (most of it irrelevant): http://get-asp.com/f3j2 What can this officer […]

Neighbor Argument Turns Into Deadly Gunfight

We talk about de-escalation, escape, and avoidance for a reason at Active Self Protection. This argument between neighbors turned into a deadly gunfight where one man is dead and the other will spend years in prison. Don’t miss the many lessons, both moral and tactical. Original video: http://get-asp.com/4l97 News story with more details on the […]

Armed Robber Picks the Wrong Store To Rob

This, friends, is the way we want every armed robber to end up. Here we see Daniel Gaskey, a Texas firefighter and inactive Marine (there’s no such thing as a “former Marine”, as my USMC combat-veteran pop and grandpa always say) definitely practiced Active Self Protection to protect himself and everyone else in the store! […]

Navy Veteran Brutally Assaulted From Behind

What do you see in this video that you can use for your own Active Self Protection? This man was assaulted from behind in what looks like a random attack, but it definitely shows us some important reminders as we seek to protect ourselves. Original video: http://get-asp.com/kh51 News story with details (there’s a reward for […]