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Assassination Caught On Camera (GRAPHIC)

WARNING: GRAPHIC. An assassination doesn’t normally provide much opportunity for self-defense, but this one caught on camera still can teach us some significant Active Self Protection lessons and therefore gain some redemption from a senseless act. Original video: http://get-asp.com/tc93 (WARNING: this site is very, very NSFW and filled with adult content…strongest warning possible) News story […]

Motorcycle Jacking Caught On Video

Riding a motorcycle gives freedom, maneuverability, and fun. It’s also reason for practicing Active Self Protection, because a motorcycle jacking like this is easier to fall victim to than a carjacking. How could he have protected himself, do you think? Original video: http://get-asp.com/0id5 News story with more on the incident: http://get-asp.com/6xc6 How do I protect […]

Two Lessons In Facing Multiple Attackers

We see again and again that real-life Active Self Protection involves facing multiple attackers. So are you capable of protecting yourself? Train these principles on the mat to improve your skills and plan! First video, with details on the incident: http://get-asp.com/enof Second video: http://get-asp.com/lv8r How do I protect myself from multiple attackers? 1. As a […]

Assassination Caught On Camera

Honestly, how often do you allow your electronics to make you forget about the world around you? Lack of awareness allowed this assassination to happen, but practicing Active Self Protection could at least have given this guy a fighting chance. Original video here (no info, though): http://get-asp.com/r164 (WARNING: this site is very, very NSFW and filled […]

Dash Cam Catches Road Rage in Toronto

Do you make a conscious decision to avoid road rage while driving? Practicing Active Self Protection means swallowing your pride so that situations like this don’t happen to you! Original video with more information: http://get-asp.com/8638 How do I protect myself from road rage? 1. Your ego is one of the most dangerous attributes you possess. […]