Bullets and Bibles Conference October 14-16, 2016

CowTown Range and Attitude First Martial Arts Academy, Phoenix 

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Join us October 14-16, 2016 for the Bullets and Bibles Conference! It's going to be an incredible time:

  • Bible Study on Friday and Saturday morning early to feed your soul!
  • 20 hours of classes to train your skills! Classes include live fire, force-on-force, and mat-based classes and are offered conference-style. You pick your classes after you register!
  • BBQ dinner Friday and Saturday night included by AZ BBQ Catering
  • Worship service on Saturday night featuring a testimony by Top Shot Season 3 winner Dustin Ellerman
  • Minimum 300 rounds of 9mm ammo included courtesy of ZQI Ammunition!
  • Giveaways by ArmsReach bedside safes, ULTICLIP, The Armory holsters, and more‚Äč

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