Fan is Short for “Fanatic”

Folks, people get stupid about their sports teams. They just do. Sports fans are notorious for being passionate about their team and really hating their rival team and its fans.

Add alcohol to the mix and it can quickly become a volatile brew that can explode.

That is exactly what happened this week as a Dodgers Fan was stabbed to death after a Giants-Dodgers game. The fan, wearing Dodgers gear, got into a dustup with some Giants fans leaving a bar; he was stabbed to death in the altercation.

Some practical lessons from this kind of tragic death:

  1. If you’re in “enemy territory,” it pays to be nice. This guy could likely have defused the situation. When ego gets involved, tragedy happens.
  2. Never forget the principles of de-escalate, evade, and escape.
  3. Knowing that this is an intense rivalry, was it wise to wear Dodgers gear to AT&T Park? I wear my Niners gear to Cardinals Stadium when they play here, but there is not the bad blood between Niners and Cards fans that there is between Giants and Dodgers fans. Discretion is the better part of valor and all that.
  4. AT&T Park is a gun free zone, so this fan couldn’t have had any force-leveling tools on him. But knowing how to defend himself against a knife-wielding attacker could have saved his life.
  5. Never forget the rule of stupids!

Remember, Even in Court The Facts May Not All Get Out


An interesting news story on NBC News today says that the woman who was sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot at her husband will get a new trial.

Once you’ve read the story, an interesting bit emerges: the woman argues that she went to the car, but it was in the garage and the garage door was jammed shut, forcing her back into the house to escape. That’s an important bit of information the media hadn’t reported previously! If she indeed couldn’t leave the home because the garage was jammed, then her actions are much more defensible. Then she had to go through the house. Then if her ex-husband threatened her, she had a right to defend herself. Then her warning shot was not criminal, it was just poor tactics.

The lesson here, folks…sometimes, even the jury doesn’t get to hear all of the truth. Hopefully they will in this case.

The second lesson: always leave yourself a way out if at all possible.

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