Carjackers Murder Car Owner During Carjacking

Carjackers Attack Car Owner During Carjacking

Never assume that carjackers are simply willing to run. Ever. If you choose to fight, make sure your Active Self Protection is strong when you face carjackers. Your life might depend on it.


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Original video with scant detail on the carjackers is available in our Instructor Development Portal.

What does this car owner teach us about protecting ourselves from carjackers?


  1. Your car is not a private space, and you must continue to think of yourself like you’re in public. If ever you wonder if people don’t think of themselves as in public in the car, pay attention to drivers in their cars and see how often they are picking their nose or singing along at high volume. Don’t let your smartphone take all your attention when you’re in the car, either! Think of yourself as walking down the street and pay attention accordingly. These carjackers got the jump because the car owner felt secure as the gate closed. Until it’s fully closed, you’re still at risk!


  1. If possible, park your car such that you can drive forward out of the parking spot. Cars are meant to primarily be driven forward, so park in such a way that if you need to go, you can go the way the car was meant to go! Yes, that might mean parking a few spots further away. Yes, that might mean backing your car into a parking spot, but either you back in or you back out, so choose to back in if possible. Forward parking might have given these car owners a lot more warning against the carjackers!


  1. Cars are constant transitional spaces. When they are moving, they’re really not, but when standing still your car is a likely place for carjackers to attack. When you’re getting in or out, your awareness generally suffers because you’re distracted, providing carjackers and muggers with opportunity to ambush you. When approaching the car when it’s parked in public, it can be used as a hiding place as well. When you’re stopped at a light you have a highly valuable commodity (the car itself) and can be ambushed and carjacked. Recognize the increased risk your car brings and keep your awareness high!


  1. People have to fight from their car more often than we care to think about. You should consider and prepare for fighting for your life and freedom while in the seats of your car! These kinds of skills can be practiced in a good force on force class and should prepare you to win against determined carjackers who means to harm you and yours in your vehicle.


  1. Spiritual fitness is an important part of Active Self Protection. You don’t often get any advance notice of the last day of your life, but we see over and over that self-defense isn’t a guarantee of winning every fight you might be placed in. You want to be at peace with your loved ones and with God, because you’ll need that peace on the day that you meet Him. Since you can’t guarantee advanced notice, make peace today. These carjackers straight murdered this man, who wasn’t thinking it would be his last day of life.

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Attitude. Skills. Plan.


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