Carjackers Overwhelmed by Prepared Victims

Carjackers Overwhelmed by Prepared Victims

These carjackers certainly weren’t prepared for the fight they got! The news story says the victims were unharmed while 3 carjackers ended up taking the Room Temperature Challenge, and that’s about as good an outcome as our Active Self Protection can get us!



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Significant details on the attack can be found by clicking here.


What does this video teach us about the realities of fighting carjackers?


  1. Situational awareness is your best friend against carjackers. It doesn’t mean that you always are paranoid or living in “condition orange,” but it does mean that you know Col. Cooper’s color code of awareness and you live by it. Pay attention to your surroundings, and recognize that when you’re in public places you need to be more aware of your surroundings than when you’re in private. Here the victim knew something was up and could respond to the carjackers immediately because he had warning from being aware.
  2. Transitional spaces are places where we MUST be more careful of potential attack. A transitional space is any location that (1) allows attackers to prey on potential victims with an element of surprise and (2) provides ready escape for the attackers. Wherever you have a stopped car in public you have a transitional space, whether that’s carjackers or a mugging.
  3. In any territorial or predatorial violence, the attacker gets to set the time and circumstances of the attack. They will almost always launch that attack from ambush, or as we like to call it in Umas, from “obscurity.” Surviving that ambush is one of the most important keys to successfully defending yourself. The carjackers always get to set the time and place of the ambush, so surviving that takes attitude, skills, and plan!


  1. Keep your gun ready to fire. Some people carry their firearm with an empty chamber, but doing so is not recommended for several reasons. First, it assumes that you will have both hands available to you to draw your gun, which isn’t necessarily the case. (against these carjackers the victim only had one hand to draw because his other was full) You might have a hand engaged or injured. Secondly, it assumes that you’ll have time to chamber a round in a gunfight, but gunfights are won and lost on tenths of seconds. Third, it assumes that you’ll have the dexterity to chamber a round under duress, though in the moment many times I have seen people fumble their chambering attempt. Keep your defensive firearm ready to fire, with a round in the chamber! I am very grateful that this officer had his gun ready to fire, because otherwise he might be dead against these carjackers.


  1. Keeping a reload for your firearm on your person and accessible is a smart idea for any self-defender. First, the most common stoppage in a semi-auto pistol is a faulty magazine, so having a spare to get you back in the fight is wise. Secondly, because in the heat of the moment you’ll likely pull the trigger more times than you think you will, having a reload keeps you in the fight. Keep that reload with you, because if it’s in a bag or the car it won’t help you in the fight. Here the victim took SEVENTEEN SECONDS to reload his firearm; if any of the carjackers had any fight left in him, the victim would have been in big trouble.


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Attitude. Skills. Plan.


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