Carjacking Victim Sacrifices his Porsche to Escape

Your car is your best tool against a carjacking! Do you think about the relative values of your vehicle and your life in carjacking defense?


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What does this video teach us about defending ourselves against a carjacking?


  1. Perhaps the biggest benefit of situational awareness is that it buys you time and space to respond to a threat, and time and space buy you options when considering how to protect yourself and your loved ones from a threat. Time and space give you the chance to escape and evade, or time and space to get your force multiplier in the fight, and time and space to better your defensive position and give you a better chance to be victorious.


  1. Your car is not a private space, and you must continue to think of yourself like you’re in public. If ever you wonder if people don’t think of themselves as in public in the car, pay attention to drivers in their cars and see how often they are picking their nose or singing along at high volume. Don’t let your smartphone take all your attention when you’re in the car, either! Think of yourself as walking down the street and pay attention accordingly.


  1. One of the best ways to protect yourself while you’re in the car is to simply drive off. The car can get away quickly if you are ready, taking you out of danger. So be ready to drive off if you need to! Keep the car in drive until you’re ready to get out. Keep the engine running. If you’re aware of your surroundings you can escape a lot of problems.


  1. If you’re in the car, it’s worth considering the usefulness of the car lies in its speed. If you sit in it while it’s not running, you cannot use it to escape potential danger such as a carjacking. If you’re going to sit in the car, leave the car running, with an avenue to move (preferably forward), and preferably with the car still in drive if possible. At the very least, leave the car running. The car should be running the entire time you’re in it! When you get in, the order should be get in, lock the doors, start the engine, seat belt, drive off. When you park, the order is stop the car, gear in park, seatbelt off, stop the engine, IMMEDIATELY exit the vehicle and lock it.


  1. Your car can be used as a very effective force multiplier if you are willing to use it. While a handgun might deliver 300-500 ft-lbs of energy, a car delivers on the order of 200,000 ft-lbs of energy at 40mph. (calculate your car’s KE here: if you’re a nerd like me!) Being behind the wheel with a deadly threat in front of you also puts the engine block between you and the threat; engine blocks are effective cover. It makes sense to use your car if you are in it to defend yourself.


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