CCW Holder Escalates Argument To Deadly Force

Frankly this video just makes me angry. As a self-defender and concealed carrier, this is 100% what NOT to do. Active Self Protection ceases when it escalates argument into a deadly force encounter, and even though he “won the fight” I think he lost his dignity and his moral standing with his actions. How about you?

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Original video from the Tampa Bay PD:

How do I keep myself from having to use deadly force to protect myself?

1. A life of self-protection must be dedicated to avoidance, de-escalation, and escape whenever possible. You win 100% of the fights that you don’t get in (doubly so for deadly force encounters), so make a commitment to de-escalate, escape, or evade any encounter you possibly can. This is always our first choice as self-defenders. This man chose instead to escalate the fight, which is not ethically allowable and will also land him in serious trouble legally.

2. I think that the Rules of Stupid come into play here. The Rules of Stupid state that you should never (1) go to Stupid places, (2) with Stupid people, (3) at Stupid times, and (4) do Stupid things. You can usually get away with breaking one Rule of Stupid, but two or more really increase the odds of bad things happening. Here we see two rules broken, a stupid person doing stupid things.

3. As one of my martial arts mentors, Skip Hancock, is fond of saying, the ground must be your friend and not your enemy. You must know how to fight on the ground and not panic if the fight goes to the ground! You must have skills from bottom position, from top position, and in the scramble. You must be able to regain your feet and fight from wherever you find yourself. Too many fights require this skill to ignore it! If this CCW holder had ground skills he might not have gotten into the deadly force position where he felt like his life was in danger and he needed to pull his firearm and threaten deadly force.

4. Ego is a killer. Your ego isn’t necessarily a terrible thing in that it helps you make your way in the world, but when your ego gets you into a fight, it can get you into trouble in a hurry. To paraphrase an old adage from the movie “Top Gun,” when your ego writes checks your skills can’t cash you end up in a bad spot. So as part of your spiritual fitness as a self-defender, check your ego and your need to be right and be in charge of others. Just let it go. Part of spiritual fitness is being at peace with yourself and with others such that you don’t need to act like this and show them what their faults are, so work on your spiritual fitness as well. Your ego is not worth fighting for.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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