Crime Spree Stopped By Ramming Suspect

There are more force multipliers available than most of us think of as defensive tools, but this video shows how Active Self Protection involves everything in us, on us, and around us. How would you have stopped this threat?

Details on the story, including video of the chief of police’s reaction:

Additional lessons from this video:

1. A car is a fantastic force multiplier. Certainly as a CCW and not an LEO, you wouldn’t likely ram this guy wandering down the street firing a rifle; you’d prefer to get out of Dodge as fast as possible! LEO have to protect the community and stop the threat, but CCW don’t. That said, it’s still wise to consider using a car as a force multiplier to stop someone threatening your family if you are CCW (or LEO), and this shows how effective a car can be at stopping the threat. When you speed a car at someone, it is emotionally difficult to process and that is a huge advantage to the one in the car. Second, you’re a fast-moving target and that is hard to hit with a firearm. Use your car if you’re in it!
2. When the time comes to act, you’ve got to be able to act in the moment. I notice that Officer Michael Rapiejko decided that the threat had to stop and that the patrol car was the right tool for the job, and didn’t hesitate. He didn’t ask permission or seek approval; he made a decision and saved lives with it. When he acted, he acted with speed, surprise, and violence of action. That’s the way to stop a deadly threat! When it is time to go, don’t hesitate; act.
3. It takes great emotional fitness to use your car as a force multiplier. In the audio from the first car, you can hear the officer struggle emotionally with the result of Officer Rapiejko’s actions. Hopefully, seeing videos like these shows you what the real results of using force are so that you can be emotionally prepared for them. Emotional fitness is an important part of covering your ASP.
4. Officer Rapiejko had to be ready for damaging his car and eating his air bag to end this conflict. Decisions have consequences, and sometimes you have to be ready to be hurt and damage property to save lives.

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