Domestic Fight Breaks Out in Police Department Parking Lot

That old adage that “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away” is shown to be utterly true in this video. Even in the parking lot of a police department, your Active Self Protection is what stands between you and a beating when a fight breaks out. How would you have protected yourself in this instance?

Original video here:

News story on the incident here:

How do I protect myself when a fight breaks out?

1. It’s wise if you’re being followed by someone dangerous to head to the closest police precinct office (or equivalent), but make sure you get on the phone with them and let them know you’re coming so that they can meet you outside. Call 911 and tell them the situation and your description as well as the description of the person following you. This couple got to the PD, but not in time to prevent a significant assault because they didn’t phone ahead. The police aren’t psychic, so they don’t know what you don’t tell them.

2. Lock your doors! Never leave your car doors unlocked. The problem in this instance might have been that the woman turned the truck off, which opened the door locks on the truck. Pay attention to your door locks and keep your doors locked, especially if you have any inclination that there might be a credible threat in your vicinity.

3. Empty-handed skills are a critical component of covering your ASP. When finally the fight breaks out, it was clear that the man in the red truck had no ability to really protect himself. If you’ve never trained, use this as your impetus to get to some martial arts or combatives training so that if you have to use your hands and feet to protect yourself, you have the skills to do so.

4. The couple in the red truck had been assaulted by the man in the Bronco and they thought he had shot at them. Turned out it was a pellet gun, but that kind of information was not something they could have had in the heat of the moment. If you’re facing an armed attacker, it’s a bad spot to be in to be unarmed yourself. So as your local laws allow, have a force multiplier like a firearm on you if at all possible. Heck, even a pepper spray would have been very effective when the guy in the Bronco opened the door of the truck!

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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