Ft Lauderdale Airport Attack Teaches Active Killer Response

The unprovoked attack at the Ft. Lauderdale airport baggage claim was horrific; it also shows some significant lessons for self-defenders and first responders. Are you ready to protect your family from this guy?



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The Wikipedia article on the attack is very thorough: https://get-asp.com/8jog


CNN also has a good piece about the killer’s motivations: https://get-asp.com/oz3f


What does this video teach us about protecting ourselves against an active killer?


  1. You must accept that danger exists and that it can happen to you. This is the foundational core of spiritual fitness and the first step in taking proactive steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you live in a fantasyland that nothing bad can happen because nothing bad has happened in the past, you’re setting yourself up for a terrible letdown. The victims here, of course, never thought this would happen to them. But it did.
  2. Mass attackers are looking for carnage, for notoriety, and for body count. They don’t attack police stations or biker bars because they won’t get the kind of body count that they’ll get where they KNOW everyone is unarmed. This is why they like the baggage claim areas of airports, schools, posted “no carry” zones, etc. They know they will have a massive advantage and their chance of encountering significant resistance is nil. In your own life, you must know that those areas are more likely targets, and you must know how you’ll respond to being attacked.


  1. In any territorial or predatorial violence, the attacker gets to set the time and circumstances of the attack. They will almost always launch that attack from ambush, or as we like to call it in Umas, from “obscurity.” Surviving that ambush is one of the most important keys to successfully defending yourself. I don’t think that the first or second victim could really have done something about this; it was simply too fast and he chose to murder an easy target. After that, though, it became about getting out of the danger zone.
  2. First aid skills are important. If you’re going to train and prepare to take a life to defend yourself, you should also have skills, training, and equipment to save life should you need to. (I carry an individual first aid kit at a minimum: http://amzn.to/1Or4yVz ) Often that will not involve defensive encounters, and in a defensive encounter your primary responsibility is to yourself and your loved ones.


  1. Spiritual fitness is an important part of Active Self Protection. You don’t often get any advance notice of the last day of your life, but we see over and over that self-defense isn’t a guarantee of winning every fight you might be placed in. You want to be at peace with your loved ones and with God, because you’ll need that peace on the day that you meet Him. Since you can’t guarantee advanced notice, make peace today.


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Attitude. Skills. Plan.


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