Good Samaritan Bravely Stops Murderer

Does your Active Self Protection extend to the defense of others, or do you keep to yourself? I think each person has to make that determination on their own and live with their reasoning, but this Good Samaritan is to be commended in my book!

Original video:

News story (Google Translate required):

What do we learn from this Good Samaritan?

1. There are really two reactions to these kinds of scenarios: those who run TO danger and those who run AWAY from it. Neither is inherently wrong, because the man who ran away wasn’t required by any moral code to get involved. However, the man who risked himself to stop the gunman certainly deserves our admiration for looking out for people and for stopping murder. That’s commendable. We must all make these determinations in advance.

2. The woman in this video knew the murderer was problematic, and that her boyfriend had problems with the murderer before this. If you know that you have problems with someone, be aware and be careful in their presence!

3. Breaking the Bystander Effect takes one determined person. Once someone breaks through to help stop the threat, others often jump in to help as well. Once the hero stepped in, others stepped in to help him subdue the gunman and end the threat.

4. That said, you must be ready and willing to stop the threat on your own! Don’t assume others will help you. The hero here might have thought his friend who had the other end of the mattress would aid him in stopping the murderer, but that doesn’t appear to have happened. You’ve got to have the attitude, skills, and plan to do it on your own.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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