GRAPHIC: Brutal Attempted Murder Caught On Camera

VERY GRAPHIC. Do not watch this one if you’re squeamish, everyone. We do not glorify violence or murder at Active Self Protection, but there are some valuable lessons here that we want to remind us all of. How would you have responded if this man walked into a store where you were? How would you have responded after he was attacked?

Original video with additional information:

What do we learn from this attempted murder?

1. This is a great reminder to all of us to keep an individual first aid kit (IFAK) on our person. Stopping bleeding is a high priority item because if you get to the hospital with a pulse (i.e. with some blood volume left) the chances of living are high! If you need one, I carry this kit: and augment it with some hemostatic:

2. Reading the story on this situation, the man actually lived. That’s incredible! It just shows us the incredible amount of injury that the human body can endure. Use that information to your advantage to help you cover your ASP by knowing that even if badly injured, you can live and can even continue to fight.

3. This is also a great reason to keep your firearm on your person. This man might have been able to protect himself if he had one, and if any of us saw this happen in public I would hope that we would step in to protect the man who was almost murdered. I couldn’t see a murder like that and just stand by!

4. Injuries cause your situational awareness to plummet, so it’s something you have to be aware of. Emotional fitness comes into play here in big ways as well, because the injuries cause our focus to turn internally and to ignore the dangers that might still be lurking. Training and knowing what it’s like to stay in the fight while in pain, lots of sparring and ground work and physical training, can help you prepare for the worst moment of your life.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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