GRAPHIC: Tragic Suicide Caught On Camera

WARNING: GRAPHIC. I share this one to teach two IMPORTANT Active Self Protection lessons, friends. It’s important enough to share it, but hear my heart that I am not sharing it to glorify it one iota.

First and foremost, I share it to remind us all about the horrors of suicide. Please, if you are in crisis or know someone who is in crisis, please get help. Visit or call 1 (800) 273-8255 anywhere in the US to get help. Please don’t ignore the warning signs of suicide.

Original video here: (WARNING: lots of NSFW content on that site)

Second, I share it with self-defenders because it teaches us several more lessons for self-protection.

1. Please keep your firearms out of the hands of unauthorized persons. I am not saying someone let this man have a firearm, but it’s a good reminder that we must keep our firearms properly stored so that the threat of them being used in this manner is minimized.

2. The human body is designed to take a ridiculous amount of punishment and still function. You can shoot someone multiple times and they can still pose a deadly threat! Even mortally wounded people can continue to pose a threat for several seconds to even minutes after being shot, so don’t think for a moment that shooting someone will necessarily immediately incapacitate them. That is Hollywood myth. This man stood there for 25 seconds after a high center chest cavity hit at point blank range, which reminds us all of the need to be careful if we have to use our firearm against someone else in a deadly force encounter.

3. The corollary for self-defenders is that if you’re shot in a fight, you might still have enough fight in you to protect your family. That requires great emotional fitness, though.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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