Hero Saudi Policeman Engages Two Rifle Wielding Attackers and Wins

I would never say it’s a great idea to engage in a gunfight against a rifle-wielding attacker if you have a pistol, but you can win like this policeman if you combine good tactics and technique with a little luck!



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News story with details on the officer’s story: https://get-asp.com/9qun


What does this video teach us about protecting ourselves with our pistol?


  1. Evil exists in our world, and no amount of wishing it away does so. Evil people do evil things, and good people must be ready and willing to stand between them and innocent people and do enough violence to stop them definitively. No amount of negotiation will make truly evil people change their ways; only those willing and able to stop them who use attitude, skills, and plan effectively can.
  2. To defend against this kind of attack, you need emotional fitness. Emotional fitness is defined as the ability to internally represent a situation or predicament to yourself in such a way as to make you strong and able to successfully defend yourself against it. Repeated practice and thousands of reps of sparring and self-defense absolutely build your emotional fitness to be able to handle whatever comes your way.


  1. The Boarding House Rules are a principle that we employ at Active Self Protection, but it must be understood in context. The rule is “everyone gets firsts before anyone gets seconds.” That means if a defender is facing equal threats, they must give everyone a first serving of shots (assuming it’s a firearm they’re using) before anyone gets a second serving. We must be careful, though, to recognize that a serving might be more than one shot! Two or three might constitute a serving before transitioning to the second. The key, though, is to get to the second (equal) threat as quickly as possible to get them focusing on being the target rather than targeting us.
  2. Glass deflects the path of bullets, so if you need to shoot through glass you need to know how the bullet will be deflected. The bullet will deflect toward perpendicular to the glass, meaning you will have to account for that deflection if you have to shoot. In a car, that means shooting IN to the car the bullet will deflect downward and shooting OUT of the car means it will deflect upward, as well as left or right depending on the curvature of the glass. After the first shot the deflection lessens significantly.


  1. You must know your firearm, how it functions, and how you’ll respond with it in the moment of need. Pressure testing your firearms manipulations in force on force and other training classes is critical because you need to know that you can get your firearm in the fight and keep it in the fight! If your habits will inadvertently drop the magazine or your grip will cause the slide not to lock back on empty or other induce other malfunctions, you do NOT want to find that out when the balloon goes up. If your reload takes more than about 3 seconds because of the position of your spare or other factors, make changes until it’s timely.


There are 3 additional lessons for Patron Members and 3 class starters for Instructors from this video, so please join us in those programs to see them!


Attitude. Skills. Plan.


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