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Home Invasion Stopped by Family Dogs

Do you have a layered approach to protecting against home invasion? I don’t have much background on this attempted home invasion, but the homeowner at least has enough Active Self Protection to have multiple layers to his home defense! I have dogs as part of my defensive plan as well.

Original video of the home invasion from the uncle of the homeowner: https://get-asp.com/0iu6


What does this video teach us about protecting ourselves against a home invasion?


  1. You must accept that danger exists and that it can happen to you. This is the foundational core of spiritual fitness and the first step in taking proactive steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you live in a fantasyland that nothing bad can happen because nothing bad has happened in the past, you’re setting yourself up for a terrible letdown. The fact that you CAN be the victim of home invasion should lead each of us to prepare for a home invasion in appropriate ways.


  1. In any territorial or predatorial violence, the attacker gets to set the time and circumstances of the attack. They will almost always launch that attack from ambush, or as we like to call it in Umas, from “obscurity.” Surviving that ambush is one of the most important keys to successfully defending yourself. This home invasion started from ambush when the first guy started kicking doors down, but the homeowner was ready!


  1. 100% of home invasions happen at home, and most people feel fairly secure in their home. That’s great, but a home invasion happens in just a few seconds. Therefore, your home invasion plan must include providing you with enough time and space to repel the home invaders by getting to your force multiplier and getting it into the fight. That usually involves a layered approach that makes it harder to enter the home to give you some warning and some time.


  1. A layered approach to home invasion defense is smartest. Start by making it difficult to get into your home by locking your doors and not providing good hiding places for home invaders to break in stealthily. If possible, use a shatter-proof film on your windows so that they cannot be easily broken. (this is great stuff and fairly cheap at about $9 per window: http://amzn.to/1XuaIPb) These solutions will give you time to hear a home invasion as it begins and get yourself in the best place possible to respond.


  1. Door reinforcement is a cheap and easy way to make a home invasion much harder. Home invaders love to simply kick your door down, and most exterior doors are really easy to kick in. (don’t believe me? https://get-asp.com/gt3m shows how easy it is) Reinforcing your door jamb is a cheap and easy way to really improve your defense against a home invasion (get a kit here: http://amzn.to/22GQRvo) Failing that, at LEAST use large, 3” screws to secure your door and lock (http://amzn.to/22GQnFv has them); that fix takes about 2 minutes per door and makes it MUCH harder to kick a door in all by itself.


  1. Many people use their dogs as part of their home invasion plan, and that’s great. The dog doesn’t need to necessarily be a guard dog, though if you want to take the time and expense to train an effective guard dog that’s a fantastic solution. Even a family pet can be an effective early warning system to give you a loud report that something is entering your home, which then would allow you to get to your tools and get in the fight. A dog or dogs isn’t the end-all solution to home invasion, but they can be an effective part of it!


  1. As well-meaning as police officers are, they cannot protect you from a home invasion. As the old adage says, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!” You—and ONLY you—can protect yourself from danger when it comes upon you. A police response time of 5 minutes is considered perfectly acceptable in most suburban departments, and times upwards of 30 minutes can be the norm in rural areas! You need to have the attitude, skills, and plan to protect yourself from harm because the police simply can’t. This home invasion was over in 30 seconds, so your plan needs to be that you are your own protector.


  1. We must never settle for being able to protect ourselves against a lone attacker because of how common multiple attacker engagements are. Rats travel in packs, so we must always be prepared to face multiple attackers! Home invasion (when someone is home, as distinct from burglary when no one is home) is often done by multiple attackers, and we should be ready for that eventuality.


Attitude. Skills. Plan.


(music in the intro and outro courtesy of Bensound at http://www.bensound.com)




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