Idiot Armed Robbers Pay for Trying to Rob a Gun Store

No one said that armed robbers are smart, and this video shows what that kind of stupidity can cost. Rob a gun store? Take the Room Temperature Challenge!



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Interview with the owner who shot the armed robbers:


Original news story on the armed robbers from local news:


What does this video teach us about defending ourselves against armed robbers?


  1. Feigning compliance can be an excellent strategy in an armed robbery to buy you time to find your opportunity to defend yourself. The hands-up, palms-out posture tells the armed robbers that you’re compliant, and might give you the opportunity to defend yourself when they stop focusing on you. The first employee used compliance to buy time for the store owner to get to his gun.


  1. In a deadly force encounter, decisions of life and death will be made in the blink of an eye. On the range and in class we have time to consider and to think and to reset and to make multiple attempts, but when the balloon goes up in real life you’ve got fractions of seconds to decide what the best course of action is to protect yourself. The way to be better at decision making in the heat of the moment is training, specifically scenario training and force-on-force training that is designed to work on decision-making skills under stress. It’s offered all over the country, so get training! The store owner had to think fast and then act on his training against these armed robbers, and he did a fine job of it!


  1. If you have spiritual fitness by knowing what you’re willing to fight for and that you’re willing and ready to win the fight no matter what, you place yourself way ahead of most attackers. Attackers are looking for victims and not looking for fights, so many times when an intended victim puts up a significant fight they will disengage and find other prey. This makes sense even in the animal kingdom where we often see an apex predator disengage from feisty prey for fear of injury. Being ready to defend yourself is a key in self-defense because that defense will often cause the bad guy to run. This is part of why spiritual fitness is so important to self-defense. The owner here was prepared to use deadly force to defend his life, and that turned the tables on the armed robbers quickly.
  2. The Boarding House Rules are a principle that we employ at Active Self Protection, but it must be understood in context. The rule is “everyone gets firsts before anyone gets seconds.” That means if a defender is facing equal threats, they must give everyone a first serving of shots (assuming it’s a firearm they’re using) before anyone gets a second serving. We must be careful, though, to recognize that a serving might be more than one shot! Two or three might constitute a serving before transitioning to the second. The key, though, is to get to the second (equal) threat as quickly as possible to get them focusing on being the target rather than targeting us.


  1. In the moment of need, the old saying goes that you will not rise to the occasion but fall to the level of your training. Usually, you’ll fall to the level of your WORST DAY in training. That means you want to train hard, train regularly, and make no excuses (to paraphrase one of my martial arts mentors, Skip Hancock) so that your worst day is good enough for the fight you’re in. The store owner here was obviously highly trained, and that training paid off when the balloon went up.


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