Those who have completed the Active Self Protection Instructor Certification program have called it:

  • “Life-changing”
  • “Career-defining”
  • “The most demanding certification course in America”

This intensive, six-month learning experience focuses on how you pass your knowledge to your students. Along with a cohort of fellow professional instructors who are desiring to grow, each candidate journeys through this program with reading, writing, media creation, video conferencing, and much more from the comfort of your own home.

You already know how to shoot; now it’s time to get serious about teaching with the ASP Instructor Certification program.


The ASP instructor development program is a unicorn.  The professionalism and quality of training carried out by the program director and his instructional team is like nothing I’ve experienced in an instructor development program and the longterm mentoring aspect of this program has been life changing.  Not only has my ability to develop and evaluate curriculum grown significantly (that’s saying A LOT considering the curriculum development focus of my masters degree) but also my ability to reach my students in ways I never thought possible.  The course material is extremely well chosen and challenging yet do-able.  I especially appreciated the program’s emphasis on science and cutting edge training methods rather than tradition.  Although I completed the program a year ago, the close ties developed among our cohort remain tight and we even have regular contact with the other cohort members, too!  The continued support and mentoring after course completion has been a welcome surprise. This is the absolute best of the best.
Kaery Dudenhofer

This course went beyond what I had hoped for. I learned a ton about knowledge transfer to students. I made friends in the best community that I will forever be a part of.
-Dave Laird

This program is unlike any other instructor training you will ever take. You will learn how people learn and how to tailor your teaching to achieve actual learning. The support you will get is second to none and does not end when the program ends. You will develop colleagues that will become lifetime friends.
-Jesse Johnson

Although I have taken a lot of classes over the past few years, there are some that were more challenging and special to me than others. The programs that I tend to value the most are the ones that made me work for them in some way whether that be through proving myself in shooting skills or in academics. This one was truly worth the time and effort.  While we did read books and write papers, this was so much more than learning things to regurgitate on a test. Over the course of six months, I was challenged, mentored and encouraged to become a better instructor, but I think it also helped me become a better person.
-Karen Whitlock