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Carolina Defensive Training
NC Concealed Carry Instruction and NRA Basic Pistol
North Carolina
CCW USA Firearms Training
Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Training in Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifles for Defensive, Security, Military, and Law Enforcement. California and Multi-State Concealed Weapons License (CCW Permit) Training.
San Diego
Combat Pistol Concepts and Israeli Tactical School Virginia
My mission is to educate and train others to develop their self-defense mindset and skills so they may effectively protect themselves and others when involved is a stressful life threatening encounter.
Fallout Shelter Ministries
We are a full service martial arts, self defense and firearms instruction facility. We are a non profit group, with a mission of serving high school, college students, churches and missionary groups with instruction in self defense.
South Dakota
Freddie Merc’s Gun Wercs
Veteran owned and operated. Concealed Carry Specialist, USCCA Training Counselor and Instructor, I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach, and Law of Self-Defense Instructor Program Graduate. Offer CWP classes, Instructor Certification, and one-on-one training on our private range.
Fusion MMA
Fusion is a complete training facility located in Marietta, Georgia for both adults and kids. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports in our country. It may be more demanding and more diverse than any one style of the martial arts. Learn the strategies of the Pros, while getting real-life experience in self defense. These programs will get you in the best shape of your life!
IFP Tactical
Self Defense Training Facility
Instruments Of Freedom
We offer Ohio concealed carry classes with saftey, fun, and proper training our top priority. We also offer gunsmith services and other non NRA courses
Intrepid Firearms, LLC
We are a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer
who provides personalized training, consulting, and sales for novice and experienced gun owners to ensure they are safe and comfortable owning and operating firearms.
Iron Mountain Tactical Training
Basic to intermediate handgun and self-protection. Norpoint Shooting Center staff instructor. Co-Leader The Well Armed Woman-Snohomish County Chapter
Lake Stevens
Lake City Tactical
We offer the South Dakota Enhanced Pistol Permit Course, the NRA PPITH Course and Basic Pistol and FIrearms Safety Training.
South Dakota
NXT Firearms
Phase Line Defense, LLC
Phase Line Defense believes in educating individuals in self-defense techniques, changing perspectives on self-defense, and assisting people in developing a positive mindset to overcome threat situations.
North Ridgeville
Pinnacle Firearms Training, LLC
Pinnacle Firearms Training, LLC is dedicated to providing high quality professional instruction and training at affordable rates. Every effort is made to make our training available to everyone who feels a personal and civic responsibility to become educated about firearms, firearms safety, self-defense and the right to keep and bear arms.
Port Charlotte
Practical Defense Solutions
Training focused on practical handgun skills, judicious use of deadly force, defensive mindset, and aftermath management for the armed citizen.
Sights On Safety
Sights On Safety offers firearms training, non-lethal defense training, and instructor courses in southern Kentucky. KY DOCJT, USCCA, IAFEFI, NRA.
Tactical Iron Firearms Training
Tactical Iron Firearms Training is located in Arvada, CO. We focus on familiarizing first time handgun owners and experienced shooters improving defensive skill sets. Our certification meets Colorado State Standard to apply for the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit.
Tad Stoll
Ohio CCW, NRA Refuse To Be A Victim
The Complete Combatant
I have specifically designed The Complete Combatant for our men and women that “carry or want to”. Proper strategy, escalation of force and employment of tools…is one complete subject. Using position, terrain, and what is available to you, will allow you to fight back effectively. Being creative and adapting could save you or a loved one.
Marietta, GA
Private Detective Agency & Security Guard Company
Triple Arc Training Group
All levels and aspects of Firearms Training from experienced Law Enforcement Instructors
Holly Hill
Urban Survival Syndicate
Bad things do happen to good people, praying won’t stop trouble from finding you. Be proactive and sign up for our personal protection for business professionals class. You'll be trained by SWAT police officers who will teach you the same lifesaving skills and tactics they use to keep themselves and their families safe.

Learn how to improve your situational awareness, so you identify threats before they target you. We'll teach you easy ways to harden your home and force the bad guys to choose another victim. Learn lifesaving trauma medical care that you can use to keep a loved one alive until help arrives. We'll also discuss how to handle the legal system, why you should carry a knife and key driving skills for getting out of trouble. Then, we will teach you how to properly shoot a handgun.

Join the syndicate today and you'll be part of a growing group of business professionals, just like yourself, who are living a safer, smarter and happier life.