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IFP Tactical
Wayne Doyle
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I started training in self defense several years ago. I love to train! I love to train in realistic situations. Why waste time training on something that is not going to happen in real life. How many times will a paper target attack you? Sure, you have to learn the basics first but after that, let’s get real. Our mission at IFP Tactical is to provide our students with a facility that will fulfill every facet of training from firearms all the way to preparing their combat mindset. We understand that you can have knowledge in a lot of areas but master none of them which is why we invite trainers from other areas to train and hold classes at our facility. It is our mission to educate the public on the importance of training and how it will better prepare them for any situation. Too often we see men and women who have made the decision to try not be a victim and they purchase a firearm and maybe spend a day or two at the range. Now they think they are ready to use that gun should their life depend on it. They feel like just having a gun is all they need to be protected. There is a lot more than that. A gun is nothing more than a tool in your self defense tool box. You have to first learn how to handle a situation. Then, you have to learn how to handle that gun in a defensive situation. A weapon is only about 15% of the equation. The other 85% is mental. Shooting in a self defense situation is also a perishable skill and has to be practiced regularly or it will be lost.
Come check us out and let us help you get ready to defend yourself and your family.
You have to learn to fight like you are the third monkey trying to get on the Ark and the rain is starting to come down hard.

1511 Gardner Blvd


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