Navy Veteran Brutally Assaulted From Behind

What do you see in this video that you can use for your own Active Self Protection? This man was assaulted from behind in what looks like a random attack, but it definitely shows us some important reminders as we seek to protect ourselves.

Original video:

News story with details (there’s a reward for finding the perp):

How do I protect myself from being assaulted?

1. This video is all about situational awareness. You must know what is going on around you, and that means using your eyes as well as your ears. If you watch the original video, after awhile the man gets up and you can see that he has headphones in. If you have both headphones in, you’re much less aware. Always think about your awareness when you’re out in public!

2. It takes great emotional fitness to be able to weather the storm and stay in a mental place to protect yourself after you’ve been attacked. The best ways to build that emotional fitness are (1) being physically fit, and (2) sparring a lot on the training mat, taking some good licks, and staying in the fight. These experiences give you points of reference to be able to weather the storm and stay in the fight.

3. Random evil exists, and the first step to covering your ASP is recognizing that it does and then being willing to protect yourself from it. Make that decision for yourself today and start training to defend yourself.

4. We don’t have the context behind this. It might be random, in which case the main lesson is awareness. It might have been precipitated by a confrontation on a train car or the station, in which case there could be some more to say about being aware of threats before they become physical and de-escalating them. Without more story we just don’t know, but it’s safe to say that we should all be aware that conflicts escalate and so avoiding them is wise.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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