Neighbor Argument Turns Into Deadly Gunfight

We talk about de-escalation, escape, and avoidance for a reason at Active Self Protection. This argument between neighbors turned into a deadly gunfight where one man is dead and the other will spend years in prison. Don’t miss the many lessons, both moral and tactical.

Original video:

News story with more details on the incident:

What can we learn from this deadly gunfight?

1. You must, must, MUST dedicate your life to avoiding as many fights as possible, ASPers. No one won this fight. No one. One man is dead, and his family grieves his loss. The other man will spend years in prison, and his family grieves his conviction and loss. These kinds of ego battles have no place among those who are shepherds and warriors. Swallow your ego and avoid fights. How many of these could be avoided with a handshake, and apology, and perhaps a cold beer?

2. From a tactical perspective, if you have to attend a deadly gunfight, do so with a long gun rather than a handgun. The shotgun was a show stopper, while the handgun didn’t have near the ability to end the fight. A handgun is a great tool because of its portability and superiority to tools with less range, but a long gun FAR surpasses a handgun in the ability to stop an attacker.

3. Again PURELY from a tactical perspective, use your vehicle! The man in the truck pulled back in to fight the man with the shotgun, and to do so he pulled up and stopped to use his handgun. If you have to defend your life, use your vehicle if you’re in it. Use it to get away (best choice), or if that’s not possible then use it to stop your attacker using your grille.

4. If you are in a gunfight, MOVE. The man with the shotgun stood there and because of it took a round to the arm. Moving targets are far harder to hit, so don’t stand in one place. This is doubly so in the case of having an aging parent standing beside you. Move away from putting your loved ones in danger.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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