Off Duty Officer Murdered With His Own Gun

At Active Self Protection we talk a lot about knowing how to fight in close quarters with your firearm. Have you trained in this kind of scenario against having your firearm taken from you? I hate seeing any off duty officer murdered (or anyone murdered!), so let’s learn something from his senseless murder so that nothing similar happens to any of us.

Original video with some details and commentary (I do not speak Portuguese so I don’t know what the audio commentary is):

What do we learn here about deadly force encounters?

1. A firearm is not a magic talisman that wards away danger. Many people think that having a firearm with them keeps them safe, but this off duty officer murdered in cold blood shows us that there is more to it than that. A gunfight is a fight with a gun, and you have to be ready to win the fight in whatever form it comes at you. A firearm can be a very effective force multiplier but you’ve got to have the ability to fight.

2. As Skip Hancock has taught me, “The ground must be your friend and not your enemy.” If you choose to go to the ground, and you choose to fight off your back, you need to have the skills and plan to be effective from there. Spending time on the mat training is the only way to get it! This doesn’t mean you need to earn a brown belt in BJJ, but it does mean that you need to be comfortable fighting off your back and know how to win a fight in that situation.

3. Range is everything with force multipliers. A firearm is an extremely long range, fast moving force multiplier, so you need to either be completely out of range (behind cover or more than 25 yards away for handguns) or be inside its effective range. When the murderer got the gun away and a little bit of distance from the officer, he caught the officer in no-man’s land where the murderer was at perfect range to deliver killing blows, and the officer was out of contact range and unable to defend himself. That’s where murders happen.

4. We say it regularly, ASPers, but spiritual fitness is important. When we see an off duty officer murdered, or anyone murdered, it reminds us that life is short and there are no guarantees of tomorrow. Make sure you’re at peace with God as part of your attitude, skills, and plan. Tell your family that you love them regularly and live life in such a way that if today is your day, you don’t leave with regrets.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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