Officer Involved Shooting Caught On Camera

Do you have the attitude, skills, and plan to survive this kind of attack? This officer involved shooting shows us some important Active Self Protection lessons about how a real deadly force encounter goes down. Would you have come out alive?

News story:

Original video (most of it irrelevant):

What can this officer involved shooting teach LEO and CCW alike?

1. Deadly force encounters seldom announce themselves before they become life or death. There was no escalation or warning in this officer involved shooting; the officer asked the guy to step over where he wanted him, and the knife came out. This looks like “suicide by cop” to me, but the fact remains that knife-wielding attackers seldom telegraph their intentions. You must be ready to go from discussion to deadly force in an instant.

2. I know some people will get frustrated with me for saying it, but this shows that some of our training hinders real life. In a LOT of movement training I see on the range people are taught to shuffle step or drag their feet for safety or so they won’t trip. That’s all well and good for range safety, but if someone’s coming after you with a knife you won’t shuffle step. You’ll run as hard as you can! This makes it very important to work on Force on Force training that involves realistic movement and putting shots on target in less than optimal positions.

3. Shoot to stop the threat. This officer did a great job of shooting until the threat stopped rather than shooting once and admiring his work, and he also did a great job of shooting until the threat stopped and then not shooting any more. Once the perp was down he was not in range with his knife and so the officer stopped shooting.

4. Range matters. A knife is a fast-moving, short-range tool. A firearm is a fast moving, extremely long range (out to 25 yards or so with a pistol for most) tool. That means if you’re wielding the knife, you want to get CLOSE. If you’re wielding the firearm, you want DISTANCE. The tool you have determines your plan.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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