Police Raid Leads to Gun Fight

Police Raid Leads to Gun Fight

The job of a police officer is no joke; when dealing with a deranged man with a gun like this, it’s even harder. This has lots of lessons for CCW and LEO alike for our Active Self Protection!



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News story from local news on the police involved gun fight: https://get-asp.com/dl74


Update on the police officer who was shot: https://get-asp.com/tpkv


Analysis from Blue Lives Matter on the gun fight: https://get-asp.com/89rp


What does this badge cam video teach us about the realities of using a gun in a deadly force encounter, whether you’re police or CCW?


  1. Having a light mounted on your gun is not for everyone, but for those who can make it work it does give you another tool in the toolbox. I carry the TLR-1 HL on my every day carry gun and it works wonderfully. It does not replace a handheld light for general lighting needs, but for illuminating a known threat it is very helpful. The key, as always, is to train with it regularly and seriously. These police officers ALL needed white light on their gun to illuminate a threat, even in the daytime. That’s a great reason to always have a light on you!
  2. Sometimes the danger that you must protect yourself and your family from isn’t evil, but is rather deranged. People who aren’t in their right faculties can be a real danger to your family, even if they are not inherently evil. You need the attitude, skills, and plan to protect yourself from evil AND from non-evil threats that pop up! The police here were serving a warrant for a stolen gun, but the man clearly wanted to commit suicide by cop and that’s why he brought a gun to the door.
  3. Part of your training must be knowing when to use verbal commands, and when to abandon verbal commands and move to physical or deadly force. Many times self-defenders (and LEO) get caught in a loop of issuing the same command repeatedly to no effect. Using verbal commands is an important part of your force options training, and part of that training in verbal commands is knowing when to talk and when to stop talking and act. The officer in the badge cam here knew that they had to do something else to get the gun away from this man, and so he went for the TASER.
  1. First aid skills are important. If you’re going to train and prepare to take a life to defend yourself with a gun or knife or what have you, you should also have skills, training, and equipment to save life should you need to. (I carry an individual first aid kit at a minimum: http://amzn.to/1Or4yVz ) Often that will not involve defensive encounters, and in a defensive encounter your primary responsibility is to yourself and your loved ones. Notice that every police officer had a first aid kit on his vest in this video!
  1. Your reaction speed will not be faster than .2-.25 seconds from stimulus, at the very fastest. Therefore, if you’re facing someone with a gun, recognize that even if their gun is at their side, they can raise and fire it before you can react to their action and shoot them! This is an important consideration for firearms carriers, and the principle is a simple one: action beats reaction. When facing an attacker, recognize that you will not be able to react in time to stop them from shooting you if they have a gun in their hand and choose to use it. The police officers were on their sights and triggers, and this guy got two shots out of his gun before they stopped him!


There are 3 additional lessons for Patron Members and 3 class starters for Instructors from this ATTACK, so please join us in those programs to see them!


Attitude. Skills. Plan.


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