REAL Encounters Classes: Students Give Their Impressions

We teach REAL Encounters classes twice a month in Phoenix at Attitude First Martial Arts Academy and also travel all over the country teaching them to students who want to learn from the daily lessons that the ASP narrated videos teach. The courses apply attitude, logic, basics, and fitness to the problems presented by real-world defensive encounters to help students better protect themselves and their loved ones from harm.

Here are some of the reviews that the REAL Encounters classes have received from students who have taken the classes:

Jesse attended REAL Encounters in Arizona while on a trip.

REAL Encounters: Getting To Your Gun In A Fight class review: The name of the class sums up everything. In a real life situation you will not have someone that will just comply if you draw your firearm to defend yourself. They may fight you, they may go after your gun. They also may try to keep you from getting to your gun. This class works all of those angles. This class is practical. Seriously practical. I was given situations that other students worked to prevent me from drawing my firearm and I did the same to the other students.
The instructor, John Correia from Active Self Protection, brought to the class a video showing an encounter that a gunfight happened at arm distance. This brought all of the training that we did during the class in to clarity and how it applied to real life.
I would absolutely take this course again and look forward to his other classes. This class is one you need to take if you are carrying a firearm for self-defense.

Jesse Johnson
NRA Instructor for Basic Pistol, Personal Protection
Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor

Autumn is a chapter leader for The Well Armed Woman and has taken two REAL Encounters classes, one in Idaho and one in Phoenix:

When I first started carrying concealed, I began taking force on force courses. I remember one time being thoroughly confused by one of my instructors, who spent the first day with us running drills without firearms. I didn’t understand one important possibility that’s hard for most of us to accept: There may be a time when I am caught off guard and thrown into a potential lethal force encounter. Do I have the skills to access my firearm under attack, and do I have the skills to retain it? We are reminded on ASP time and time again that the root word of “gunfight” is NOT “gun.”
That’s why I really enjoy taking John’s REAL Encounters classes. I don’t want fighting to be such a foreign concept when I’m thrown into the fight of my life. I learn by doing and by making mistakes. These classes focus on fighting to get to your gun and retaining it under attack. Getting to work in person with John gives me an opportunity to learn why certain movements work, why others don’t necessarily work so well, and why others are just plain dangerous. I highly recommend his classes to anyone who concealed carries!
Autumn Parkin

Jon is a black belt in his art who has taken multiple REAL Encounters classes in Phoenix:

I have taken a couple of the ASP REAL Encounters classes and they all have been very informative. John presents the encounter and we go through them, step by step,using logical ways to deal with the dangers and to get way safely. This method works well for not only new people to self defense, but also those that have been student of it for a long time. It’s nice to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds in these classes. Working with a wide variety of personalities and body types provides great feedback on what techniques work and why we do them at certain times. It’s great to learn and train with people that take defensive training seriously, but can also have fun with it in a relaxed atmosphere. I plan on taking more REAL Encounters classes in the future, and will always be looking for new ways to cover my ASP!

Jon Brophy Mesa, Arizona


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