Real Life Machete Attack Shows Five Ds Beautifully

Do you have the attitude, skills, and plan to engage a machete attack? You may not have the ability to draw a gun, but practicing Active Self Protection can help you if ever you need to fight this fight!

Original video here:×94

How do I protect myself against a machete attack?

1. Recognize that with any force multiplier, you want to control distance. You want ideally to stay out of range of the attackers force multiplier while being in range of yours! Obviously, staying outside of the range of the machete is a great idea because that machete can do great damage to you. As this video shows, though, if you can’t stay out of range, get inside the range of the force multiplier. This defender knew he had to get inside, and his double leg takedown got him in a range that the machete attack was ineffective because it couldn’t be swung effectively.

2. Ground skills are important. This machete attack changed with the defender changed levels and hit a perfect double leg takedown, then controlled his attacker from top position. Those skills come in very handy in a fight, so training takedowns and ground skills is important. Certainly, we would rather not be trapped on the ground in a public environment with potential unknown opponents, but as Skip Hancock is fond of saying, “the ground must be your friend and not your enemy.”

3. The Five Ds are significant in the successful ending of this machete attack. Deflect, Dominate, Distract, Disarm, Disable. This overarching strategy to fighting an attacker with a force multiplier isn’t designed to be thought through in the heat of the moment, but a training tool to engrain priorities when having to defend against attack. If you try to disarm before the first three, for instance, the chance of failure is high and the success rate is less. We see in the narration in the video that the defender practiced the Five Ds successfully to get himself out of danger and defeat his attacker.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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