Victim Takes Revenge On Mugger On Camera

I totally understand the anger behind this guy’s actions, everyone. But practicing Active Self Protection means thinking long-term and recognizing that

Original video and news story of the mugger and victim:


What does this revenge rundown teach self-defenders about lawful self-defense?


  1. One of the five pillars of lawful, moral self-defense is “imminence,” (get a nutshell here: or the whole concept here: ). Imminence means the threat is happening RIGHT NOW, that it’s neither too late nor too early for you to defend yourself! The standard of imminence is seen as a triad of ability, opportunity, and jeopardy (also known as the AOJ triad, which is explained here: in some detail).


  1. One of the pillars of lawful, moral self-defense is “reasonableness.” (get a nutshell here: or the whole concept here: ) In every defensive incident we ask whether the actions of the defender were reasonable from an objective standpoint. Would an objective, reasonable person do what you did in the moment? A good test of whether your actions are reasonable is whether you did them to stop the threat or to punish someone (Charles Humes calls it “The Punisher Test”: it’s a good comparison)


  1. We must each decide what is worth protecting. Life is always worth protecting because it is of inestimable worth; as unique bearers of the image of God, people are the most valuable “thing” imaginable. Property is something else, though. With property we always have to balance the benefit against the risk to ourselves and our families. Even where it’s legally allowed, you should consider whether it’s wise or prudent to defend your property, because doing so puts you at risk and not just the bad guy.


  1. If you can win “the fight before the fight,” you win. You win that fight by minimizing your potential for being attacked in the first place! That means making smart decisions and living a life of awareness and readiness so that you don’t take unnecessary risks. It means knowing that Craigslist transactions are inherently dangerous, and therefore doing them in public, safe places like police stations or the mall. It means not allowing strangers to get into your car.


  1. The human body is designed to take a ridiculous amount of punishment and still function. You can run someone over with your car and they can still pose a deadly threat! Even mortally wounded people can continue to pose a threat for several seconds to even minutes after being injured, so don’t think for a moment that injuring someone will necessarily immediately incapacitate them. That is Hollywood myth.


  1. Think about this from the perspective of your costs. Okay, the guy won’t steal from people again probably. Great. But to get your $190 shoes back, you did $4000 in damage to your car that your insurance company won’t cover. So don’t say it’s about protecting your livelihood when you just threw $3800 down the drain! Then, you have to pay for the impound on the car and your stuff, which will be hundreds more. Then you have to hire an attorney for $450+ an hour to defend you in court, so that’ll be MINIMUM $5000 if the DA is your best friend. It could be $100,000. At the end, even if you get a jury that decides on jury nullification (because if not he’s going to be behind bars) you get to lose your house for that $190. And if you don’t get everything 100% right, you spend 5-10 years behind bars, lose your ability to love your family, and your livelihood. Stupid, isn’t it?


Attitude. Skills. Plan.


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