Neil Weidner, Chief Marketing Officer/Instructor, Active Self Protection

As, the CMO of ASP, Neil Weidner handles all of the business and sponsor relationships for Active Self Protection and is a Certified Active Self Protection Instructor – one of only three people in the world certified teach ASP Branded courses. He enjoys organizing and traveling across the country teaching with John on the Survive the Fight Tour.  His creative and innovative ideas, as well as the partnerships he has cultivated over the years,  have resulted in several mutually beneficial partnerships across the industry.

In addition to standard Instructor credentials (ASP, NRA, South Dakota State Certified Use of Force Instructor, etc.), Neil teaches several innovative series classes to beginning gun students, most notably his Living with a Gun series which runs people through not only marksmanship and mindset fundamentals, but also focuses each week on topics most other instructors neglect: best practices for gun storage, proper holster selection, using the restroom with a gun, and many other topics that typical courses don’t have time to cover.

He is a gifted speaker and instructor and this year will be a featured instructor and the ASP National Conference, as well as presenting at the AMM Con Second Amendment Media Workshop in Phoenix.

He is a perpetual student, having the opportunity to learn under some of the nation’s top instructors (Massad Ayoob, Scott Jedlinski, Brian Hill, Wayne Dobbs, John Johnston, Melody Lauer, etc.)

When he isn’t on the range, he enjoys spending time with his family – especially his only granddaughter! – and pheasant and deer hunting with his kids in South Dakota. He and his wife, Stephannie, enjoy camping and exploring in the Jeep.

His previous business and management experience, as well as his analytical style and passion, bring a needed and fresh perspective to the gun industry and we are so grateful to have him.