Evidence-Based Pistol Skills 1:

In this class we take the MOST important lessons learned from analyzing 20,000+ real defensive encounters and use them to build the MOST important skills that you will need to prevail in a deadly force encounter with a handgun. We utilize the Pareto Principle to truly ingrain the 20% of skills that give you 80% of positive outcomes in a defensive gunfight.

In this course we assume the fight is unavoidable and you must draw your firearm and use it effectively. We assume that de-escalation, escape, and avoidance are not possible. We assume that your firearm is the correct tool for the threat at hand and that you have the discrimination to use deadly force in a legal and moral manner.

Some of the skills covered:

  1. Safely and effectively drawing a firearm from concealment with speed and precision. The goal is to significantly improve your draw mechanics to make your draw to first shot much faster.
  2. Put the first shot on target with speed and adequate precision to the target at hand. The amount of sight refinement is worked on for various sized targets and discussion and application to defensive gunfighting is stressed.
  3. Put follow-up shots on target with speed and accuracy appropriate to the target at hand. Proper grip, sight movie, and trigger control are taught and reinforced.
  4. Proper holstering to prevent injury and ensure a safe holster under adrenaline dump to keep you safe for the first stage after the fight for your life.
  5. The three imperative skills of Grip the Gun, Sight the Gun, Trigger the Gun are emphasized and taught in-depth throughout, with students getting to experience the changes made to their outcomes by using proper anatomical, physiological, and biomechanical principles to maximize their performance.


In Evidence-Based Pistol Skills 1, the following standards are worked towards. In this course, all targets are at 3 yards:

  1. Draw to first shot on center mass (8” circle), from concealment:
    1. CCW: 2.0 seconds
    2. Professional: 1.5 seconds
    3. Advanced: 1.0 seconds
  2. Bill Drill (draw and fire 6 to 8” circle center mass), from concealment:
    1. CCW: 5.0 seconds (2.0 draw, .6 splits)
    2. Professional: 3.5 seconds (1.5 draw, .4 splits)
    3. Advanced: 2.25 seconds (1.0 draw, .25 splits)
  3. Skill on Demand (2 shots to a 3”x5” card) from concealment
    1. CCW: 4.0 seconds (2.5 draw, 1.5 follow up)
    2. Professional: 3.0 seconds (2.0 draw, 1.0 follow up)
    3. Advanced: 2.0 seconds (1.5 draw, .5 follow up)

In this class, students should bring a quality semi-auto pistol and concealment holster with a belt. Serpa holsters are NOT ALLOWED. Hybrid holsters are not recommended. Revolvers are allowed if that is what a student carries. We recommend cleaning and lubricating your firearm before class starts.

Students will fire approximately 350 rounds over the course of the day.

Students should also bring high quality eye protection and hearing protection, as well as a brimmed hat. Closed toed shoes are required and a high neck line shirt is highly recommended for all participants.


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