Active Self Protection is THRILLED to have the support of Big Tex Outdoors.

Ike and his team are wildly popular in the shooting and self-defense community because they are committed to providing the greatest selection of top-self gear at a fair price, supported by knowledable staff and absolutely the BEST customer service in the industry. Please thank them for their support of Active Self Protection by considering them for any of you gear needs, let them prove to you why they have an almost fanatic fan base of their own.

Also note, you can purchase many of our other sponsors items from Big Tex! Check out the Holosun 507 that I use on a lot of my dot guns:

The Mantis Firearms Training System

Mantis has been a LONG time sponsor of Active Self Protection and we are so grateful for both their support and their product, which we have found to be incredibly valuable in our own shooting work. Getting immediate, measureable, visual feedback can take so much time out of the learning curve of dry fire and this product is worth every penny, in my opinion. What gets measured, gets improved and this helps you measure every aspect of dry (and live!) fire. Get one at